Terms of conditions

Article 1: Applicability of the General Conditions

All offers and agreements and other commitments with Tack & Care, hereinafter Tack & Care, and its buyer, hereafter consumers these Terms and Conditions apply. Deviations from these Terms and Conditions shall apply only if and insofar as they are agreed by Tack & Care written by consumers.

Article 2: Prices

The agreed price is the price in euros, this amount is stated for all items in our store, also you get, when you select an item to order the amount in euros (EUR) including VAT and excluding shipping see.

Article 3: Orders

Before placing an order with Tack & Care you always get an overview with a total amount incl. VAT and shipping.

After you have passed an order with us the purchase agreement a fact. Tack & Care reserves the right, without any justification on consumer orders not to accept or to accept only on condition that the shipment is made by Tack & Care to be determined.

Article 4: Shipping / Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Tack & Care determines the method of shipment and transportation of the goods at the risk of Tack & Care. Quoted delivery times may never be regarded as a deadline and will be respected as much as possible, but they are not binding. Exceeding a delivery gives consumers never be entitled to any compensation or termination of the agreement or any other action against Tack & Care. The supply obligation of Tack & Care will be fulfilled by offering twice the goods. Consumer or a third party designated by the consumer bears the risk of the goods from the time when the goods are offered for delivery to the specified address. The receipt by the consumer or the person designated by consumer signed, the full proof of delivery. Consumer or a third party designated by the consumer is required upon delivery to take delivery of the goods. Failing this, the goods at the expense and risk of the consumer returned and stored.

Article 5.a: Shipping within Netherlands

When the order to an address within the Dutch borders is sent, there is a contribution to the shipping. Depending on the weight and place of destination. , You will get an overview before sending the final order.

Article 5.b: Shipping outside the Netherlands

For those residing outside the Dutch borders and place an order with Tack & Care Other rates apply with respect to shipping.

Article 6: Delivery in the Netherlands

The products you ordered from us before Wednesday, if available, will be delivered no later than the Wednesday thereafter. You should however keep in mind that if a product you ordered is not in stock, the delivery may take up to 2 to 6 weeks.

Article 6.a: Delivery outside the Netherlands

For those residing outside the Dutch borders and place an order with Tack & Care are other delivery times apply. These periods can be requested by e-mail.

Article 7: Payment

Basically delivers Tack & Care only cash on delivery, payment by Ideal, Paypal or regular bank transfer unless otherwise agreed. By any other deliveries are subject to the following provisions.

Delivery shall be made after payment of the balance on the account of Tack & Care. If by Tack & Care is welcomed delivery on account, payment thereof shall be made within five working days after the invoice date, without deduction, discount and / or settlement. Tack & Care is, regardless of the agreed payment terms, entitled to before delivering goods to demand security for payment or to suspend performance of its obligations if such security is not / can be given.

Article 8: Retention

To consumer goods delivered remain the property of Tack & Care as long as consumers are not fully provided the consideration under with Tack & Care entered into agreement to supply goods thus is due to any demands of Tack & Care towards consumers because of inadequate made by consumers in the fulfillment of its obligations towards Tack & Care has met. Consumer, as long as he is not integral to the payment obligations Tack & Care has met, not entitled to the goods supplied by Tack & Care to establish a pledge or sell such goods, transfer, rent or in any other way therefore propose a different disposal and / or property.

Article 9: Warranty

Tack & Care is responsible for the quality of its best knowledge and can goods provided and / or services, provided that the warranty does not go beyond the applicable warranty from the original supplier. Tack & Care accepts no liability for latent defects. The warranty period begins with the receipt of the goods by the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer.

Article 10: Complaints

Complaints of visible and non-visible defects immediately after discovery, but at the latest within seven days after the actual transfer of the business. Complaints must be in writing and with a proper description of the complaint to Tack & Care made known. Exceeding the terms mentioned any claim against Tack & Care relating to any defects. After the expiry of this period, Tack & Care is deemed to have been properly fulfilled its obligations, and it is assumed that the consumer business as properly acknowledged. Complaints never give consumers the right to suspend payments. The consumer is entitled within eight days to cancel the purchase and reclaim his money.

Article 11: Returns

Tack & Care accept returned goods only if and insofar as they are returned under by Tack & Care conditions to by specifying Tack & Care address, in their original packaging and in the condition Tack & Care these goods delivered to consumers. Shipping costs are borne by consumers unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 12: Limitation of Liability

Tack & Care, nor third parties it involves the purpose of the creation or implementation of any agreement, be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from and related to the agreement, which consumers may suffer, no matter what the is the cause. Consumer indemnifies Tack & Care and its employees for claims relating to damage caused by the use of by Tack & Care goods / services. Tack & Care is not liable for any costs and damages caused by an act or omission of consumers. Any further liability for direct or indirect damages, costs and interest, for whatever reason, is excluded.

Article 13: Non-attributable shortcoming

If after the conclusion of the contract can not be fulfilled by Tack & Care, due to circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the agreement can not reasonably expect or were Tack & Care could not have known, this applies to of consumer Tack & Care as a non-attributable shortcoming (force majeure). Tack & Care has in case of force majeure the right to suspend its obligations. Tack & Care is also entitled to terminate the contract in whole or in part, or to demand that the contents of the Agreement is amended as detailed as possible. In no event Tack & Care is required to pay any penalty or damages. Tack & Care reserves the right to payment for work already performed and costs incurred.

Article 14: Dissolution

If consumers have obligations towards Tack & Care not timely or properly comply is a consumer is legally in default and any claim that Tack & Care has dependents or obtains, immediately due and payable without any notice is required. Tack & Care has the right to suspend the further execution of the agreement or to dissolve it completely or partially. Tack & Care is at all times entitled to claim damages than if the consumer as well as to take goods back.

Article 15: Registration of persons

The information you fill in the order form will be e-mailed to us. Your data will be treated confidentially and securely stored (in a non internet connected system) .For a full description of our privacy policy, we refer to the “Privacy”.

Article 16: Disputes

All disputes to which these conditions apply shall, subject to the right of parties to decisions of the President of the District Court, ruling in summary proceedings, to provoke, to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts in the place or district of Tack & Care .

Article 17: Governing Law

For all matters which these conditions apply applies only to Dutch law. Dutch law applies to those who place an order from a place outside the Dutch borders. All disputes arising out of or related to an offer, contract or commitment which these general conditions apply, or on the conditions themselves and their interpretation or execution, shall, insofar as the laws permit, decided by the competent court in the district of Tack & Care.

Article 18: Acceptance of Terms

By completing the order form and / or sending an order by post consumer accepts these Terms and this also accepts that this will be part of the contract between the consumer and Tack & Care.

Article 18.1: Changing Conditions

Tack & Care has at all times the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and the content of the website.

Article 19: Final Provisions

These conditions provide for a reasonable regulation of the legal relationship between Tack & Care and consumers. To the extent that circumstances may arise where these conditions or any provision thereof, could lead to unreasonable results, these conditions will miss the extent applicable.



Parties involved

These terms of delivery are part of all agreements and apply to all (other) acts and legal acts between Tack & Care, the dealer from whom you order products through this website, and you, even if those (legal) acts do not lead to, or in connection with, any contract.

Establishment Agreement:

An agreement with you is concluded when, after you have ordered one or more articles on this website, Tack & Care electronically have received the confirmation of your order. The order confirmation is considered received when it is accessible to you.


All offers on the website are free. Offers are subject to availability of items ordered. All images of ordered items are only an indication. Tack & Care is not liable for defects of any kind.

Payment Methods

Tack & Care accepts the following payment methods:

– Cash on delivery: Payment will be made upon delivery by TPG Post

– Payment: Payment will be made by means of transfer by bank / giro, Ideal or Paypal

Article prices

All prices are in Euros and include shipping costs. To order an item you always get to send the final order an overview including tax and shipping. All offers, images, prices are subject to typing / scanning errors and changes by the manufacturer. In any other written agreements can be deviated and this will be binding.


Delivery of the items you ordered is made by and for responsibility Tack & Care.

Before Wednesday ordered, provided that the items ordered are in stock, delivered before the next Wednesday of. If ordered items are not in stock then delivery can take 4 to 6 weeks. Should it be that we do not have in stock items ordered, we will inform you by email and we will give an indication of the delivery time.

Term View

All articles is that they can be returned to Tack & Care or Tack & Care can be returned within 7 working days by the consumer. The item must be unused and to be in the state of purchase (original and undamaged packaging).

Tack & Care will only refund the price, excl., Of the article.

The cost for a return shipment will be borne by the customer.


Tack & Care is responsible for the items delivered and shown by him and its delivery. If the goods do not comply with the agreement will Tack & Care is missing yet delivered, or, at its discretion, proceed to the repair or replacement of the delivered product.


All offers, images, prices are subject to typing and scanning errors or changes by the manufacturer. Liability Tack & Care for indirect damages, including consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings and damage due to business interruption. For the rest rests on Tack & Care no liability for damages, regardless of the grounds on which an action for damages would be based. These limitations of liability shall not be applicable to the extent that the damage was caused by intent or recklessness of Tack & Care or to the extent they conflict with mandatory provisions.