Horse tendon boots

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Horse tendon boots
Are you looking for qualitative and beautiful tendon boots horse ? In the Cool Running Paints webshop you will find an extensive range of tendon boots and other types of leg protection for your horse. The word tendon boots says it all. A horse’s tendons are very fragile and can easily injure while riding and jumping. Tendon boots protect the tendons. Tapping the front legs by the rear hooves is thus prevented.

A tendon boots serve as protection and should of course not hinder your horse’s movements. The type of tendon boots you choose for your horse is very important. Let the experts at Cool Running Paints help you make the right choice. First view the extensive range of tendon boots for a horse for an impression of the possibilities. Need advice? Please contact our employees by calling 06-21816560 or fill in the contact form . We are happy to help you!

An extensive range of tendon boots

In our offer you will find tendon boots for your horse that are both functional and trendy. We sell different types of tendon boots from various renowned brands such as Prof Choice and Davis. For example the Prof Choice VenTECH Elite Splint Boots or the Davis Splint Boot Artisan Design . The type and type of leg protector you choose depends on the purpose. Would you like a tendon boot for your horse for the paddock or pasture? Or do you want to use tendon boots for long outdoor rides? The type of material you choose is also important. Some tendon boots do not have a good breathable lining and you cannot leave them on your horse’s legs for too long. Make the right choice and let us help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

White tendon boots

Are you specifically looking for white tendon boots or leg protectors? Then the product Prof Choice VenTECH Elite ValuePack might be for you. The PT Splint Boot is also available as a white version. In our webshop you will find various white tendon boots, but of course also tendon boots for your horse in various other colors and prints. You can easily order all our products online. We deliver all products throughout Europe and guarantee a safe online payment environment. View the range of tendon boots for your horse now!

Range of tendon boots

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