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Are you looking for a Quarter Horse? Cool Running Paints sells Paint Horses and Quarter Horse, Reining Horse.s For a Quarter Horse then you are  at Cool Running Paints at the right place!

The American Quarter Horse or American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest and most popular American horse breeds. The breed originated in the northeastern United States and is a cross between Arabic and English thoroughbreds. The Quarter Horse is naturally very intelligent, reliable and quiet to handle. They are therefore ideally suited to ride western.

Quarter Horse Cool Running Paints

The American Quarter Horse is well known as a race horse and for its performance in rodeos, horse shows and as a ranch horse. The American Quarter Horse is small, with a height between 1.45 and 1.60 m. He has a broad forehead, wide jaw and expressive eyes.

Cool Running Paints breeding the American Quarter Horse and Paint horses in different types:

Stock Horse type
Pleasure type
Halter type
Racing and Hunter type
Each of these types has its own characteristics. Curious about a quarter horse that suits you?

Questions Quarterhorse

Do you have questions about our paint horses, such as the Quarter Horse or Reining Horse? We are happy to talk extensively. To all your questions, we will reply. Feel free to contact telephone  00316,218,165 60

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