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About us

Who are we

Cool Running Paints is located on Texel near the town of Oosterend. Our ambitious and active company specializes in breeding, training and selling American Paint and Quarterhorse Futurity Prospects.
We also organize demonstrations, clinics, lessons and horse coaching. Western fans can come to us with or without a horse.

What are we doing

The main activities of Cool Running Paints are:

  • breeding Painthorses, Quarter horses and Quarabs
  • training and selling Futurity prospects
  • teaching children and adults


Our breeding focuses on breeding American Painthorses, Quarterhorses and Quarabs of the stockhorse type. We strive to breed correctly built, willing and well-moving athletic sport horses with a super fine character, which are particularly suitable for reining, cutting, cowhorse or recreational use. Broodmares from older proven bloodlines form the basis of the breeding program and give fine characters and a strong and correct conformation to their colorful foals.

We use bloodlines from, among others:

  • Cut a Sugar Pep
  • Colonel Smoking Gun
  • Callo Del Cielo
  • Don Quixote Escapes
  • Wimpy’s Little Step
  • Listo Lena
  • Peppy San Badger
  • Taris Catalyst
  • Great Pine
  • Hollywood Dun It
  • BQ Catalyser

The foals grow up in the herd and during their early years run freely over the many acres of pasture that Cool Running Paints has available.
The pride of Cool Running Paints are the stallions CR Superman Sugar Pep, GP The Cowboy Gun and BQ Catalyser. With the help of these beautiful, eager to learn and talented stallions with a super fine character and strong will to please, Cool Running Paints wants to further refine the quality of the future foals with even better characters, work ethic and reining talent.


You can contact us for breaking, training or retraining your horse. All our training is done in an honest and correct manner, where relaxation and rest are central. The goal is to lay a solid and safe foundation for horse and rider. In consultation your horse will receive a spacious box, paddock and pasture.

1st month: saddle breaking

The horse becomes familiar with groundwork, showering, saddle, bridle and a rider on his back in walk and trot in a safe environment.

2nd and 3rd month: basic training

Here the horse learns all the basic skills of riding and for safe handling. It learns to ride neatly in all corridors with neat transitions and learns to give way to your leg. People often get out outside so that your horse gets used to the traffic. The training horses are regularly showered and a lot is in hands. The horses are trained 5 times a week and then have 2 days of rest. During these 2 months we look at what your wishes are and what your horse has talent for or not. Then we can give further advice.

4th month and beyond:

The horse can be further trained in the various maneuvers and disciplines of western riding. You can also contact us for trailer loading and traffic making training. Costs € 675 per month incl. Storage and food.


Daily Western lessons are given by appointment in private or in groups with your own horse or with one of our Paints and Quarters. The lessons are provided by Theo den IJzerman. Pony lessons with Shetland ponies and Welsh ponies are available for children up to 12 years old. Groundwork and horsemanship lessons for safe handling of a horse or pony are also possible. Regular lessons are given by leading professional riders. There are also regular clinics.


Are you looking for a horse for sports or recreation, then we are happy to help you find the horse that meets your needs. We usually have several nice western horses for sale. These are usually from our own breeding and suitable for the various competition disciplines and recreation. We are also dealer of Bobs Custom Saddlery, NRHA Saddlesmith and Lamicel. In our Tack and Care webshop you will find almost everything you need for western sports and the care of your western horse. At Cool Running Paints, good quality and a fair price are of paramount importance.

Vacation Pension

Take a break and enjoy our quiet but cozy island? Then in the spring and summer you can take your horse or pony with you on holiday and enjoy a ride through the woods, dunes and on the beach of Texel.

Request more info at: info@reininghorse.nl


Paarden Coaching Texel

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Why Horse Coaching?
Contact with horses evokes something in you, releases something, provides relaxation, peace and makes you happy.
Horses don’t expect anything from you . You can be yourself as you are at that moment and feel in the here and now.
Horses react very purely and honestly to this and can show you exactly what it is about, with their pure honest reaction they can give you a hold up a mirror and expect nothing from you.
Contact with horses makes you more aware of your body, posture and senses. Where is the tension? They help you to get to your feelings, because your head often takes the lead. They learn to feel you again and to be yourself.
You experience what you encounter and how this can be done differently by doing exercises with the horse and mastering skills under the guidance of the coach.
No walls, boring, musty practice space. But nice and moving in a natural environment in the open air with the weather influences that belong to the season.
Sun, wind, grass and sand ..
Horses, their smells, sounds … .. relaxation.

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What is Horse Coaching?
Using horses as an aid in coaching sessions with people. We take advantage of the horse’s natural qualities.
The way they respond to people. Horses react non-verbally with body posture, behavior and appearance.
They radiate energy and capture energy, by using this they are effective as a tool in testing the energy that a person radiates and will respond to it in a natural way. respond.
In equine coaching we make use of the natural behavior of horses by placing a person in the same space as the horse. The horse will seek contact and scan its new herd companion. In the same way as they respond to herd mates in nature, they also respond to humans. The coach can translate the reactions of the horse to the person.
The horses
At Paarden Coaching Texel we work with different horses, mainly American Paint and Quarter Horses, Quarabs but also smaller ponies such as Welsh Ponies and Shetlanders.


Who is Ilonka
Ilonka grew up among horses, as a little girl she already had an enormous attraction to horses. She spent her entire childhood among the horses and successfully completed a training as a social pedagogical worker.
In addition, she took many additional courses.
After years of working in education and childcare, she wanted something different, but with horses and preferably also with people and children. She completed the horse coaching course, which appeals to her enormously and can be combined very well with the work with the horses. Horse Coaching has also helped her enormously, making her even more enthusiastic to coach.

In addition to her own work, she has been running the Training Stable and Breeding Cool Running Paints together with her husband for more than ten years. Because of this she has gained a lot of experience in training the young horses, guiding the owners of the horses.
This makes her very skilled in reading the horse well.
Would you like to make an appointment or more information about a horse coaching session, please feel free to contact:
Ilonka den IJzerman-Gmelich
Tel: 06 21816259
email: info@reininghorse.nl


Want to know more about the possibilities? Call (0031) 06-21816560 or mail to info@reininghorse.nl .

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