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Horse coaching

Cool Running Paints on Texel now also offers horse coaching . Our young and passionate company focuses on breeding, training and selling American Paint and Quarter horses. Western enthusiasts can come to us with or without a horse, for example learn western riding . We organize demonstrations, clinics, lessons and outdoor rides. And now you can also contact us for horse coaching. A special form of coaching because the horse is used as a coach. Because of the animals’ natural sensitivity and intelligence, horse coaching is very effective and effective.

Actually making contact with a horse is a special experience. Horse coaching is possible both individually and in groups. Let us inform you about the possibilities! Contact us by calling 06-21816560 or fill in the contact form .

What exactly is horse coaching?

Horses are very sensitive animals and flawlessly sense people’s state of mind. In horse coaching, mirroring behavior and emotions is central. The horse mirrors the person who is standing with them in the box or in the meadow. Completely without judgment, you will gain insight into your mood and emotions, your qualities and pitfalls. A very positive confrontation! Horse coaching is all about trust and non-verbal communication. By means of the reflection of the horse you get more self-insight. You will be provided with tools for personal development.

Horse coaching can be used, for example, as:

  • you want to improve your communication skills
  • you want to function optimally as a team and get the best out of the team members
  • you want to develop confidence and assertiveness
  • you want to learn to trust your intuition more and better
  • you are curious about your leadership and want to develop it

Horse coaching is also very suitable for children. Just like children, horses are incredibly pure. Through horse coaching, children learn to know and indicate their own limits, to work together and to develop assertiveness.

Expert equine coach

At Cool Running Paints you are assured of expert guidance from an experienced horse coach. We are skilled in handling horses as well as people. And precisely here to make a valuable and educational connection. Are you curious about what we as a horse coach can do for you personally or for a team or group? Then contact us. You can call 06-21816560 or leave a message in our online contact form . Our horse coach will then contact you and gladly tell you more about horse coaching.

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