American Quarter horse

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American Quarter horse

The American Quarter horse is an old American breed of horse. They come from the United States and are a cross between Arabian and English thoroughbreds. The American Quarter horse is an intelligent horse, that is very reliable and easy going. This type of horse is very suitable for western riding. They excel at short distances. The American Quarter horse can be used well as a racing horse, rodeo, horse shows and as a ranch horse. Their height is between 1.45 and 1.60 meters. They can be recognized by their wide forehead, wide jaw and expressive eyes. The body of the American Quarter horse is excellently built. They have a broad chest and a rounded hindquarters with strong hocks.

The American Quarter horse is bred in many types. The types are as follows:

Stock Horse type
Pleasure type
Dumbbell type
Racing and Hunter type

Quarter horse for sale

Cool Running Paints is the specialist in breeding, training and selling Quarter horses. If you are looking for a Quarter horse, you have come to the right place. Thanks to our experience and excellent knowledge, we know exactly which horse is suitable for the rider. We continuously have a Quarter horse for sale . We have young Quarter horses for sale , but also trained and  trained horses . In general, we have Quarter horses for sale from our own breeding farm, which are suitable for various competition disciplines and for recreation. Because we breed our horses ourselves, we know exactly which line is behind them and how the horses are in their character and what kind of performance they have delivered. This allows us to inform you extensively about the qualities of the Quarter horse and know exactly what we are selling. Based on this, we will work with you to find a horse that suits you and meets all your needs.

Would you like more information about the Quarter horses that we offer for sale? Then contact with us! We are happy to help you and provide information about our beautiful Quarter horses.

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