Western Instruction

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Western Instruction

Would you like to take western lessons in order to master the technique of horse riding? Which can! At Cool Running Paints it is possible to take special western lessons with your own horse as well as with a horse. Curious about the possibilities?

Western lessons at Cool Running Paints

At Cool Running Paints, by appointment western lessons are given in private or group with your own horse or with one of our Paints and Quarters. The lessons are provided by Theo den IJzerman. He has a lot of experience in western riding and can provide you with a very educational western lesson. Western riding lessons are also available for small children: for children up to 12 years old there are pony lessons with Shetland ponies and Welsh ponies.

Groundwork and horsemanship lessons are also possible. These ensure safe handling of a horse or pony. Regular lessons are provided by leading professional riders. In addition, there are regularly various clinics. In short: for wide western lessons you have to go to Cool Running Paints.

Questions about western lessons?

Do you have any questions about Cool Running Paints western class? Our employees will be happy to answer all your questions. If you would like more information, you can always call contact on 06 21 81 65 60. Cool Running Paints is the place to be for Western riding lessons!

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