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Western pads
Are you looking for Western Pads. Cool Running Paints has an extensive western equestrian shop with equestrian equipment. In this webshop we offer various Western pads. We have custom pads for every wish and budget.

A western pad is a special type of saddle used in equestrian sports. It serves to relieve the pressure on the skin of a horse and thus protect the horse. A western pad is placed under the normal saddle and has a special cover for western saddles. A western pad often contains leather parts but mainly consists of wool or cotton.

Western pads at Cool Running Paints

At Cool Running Paints you can choose from many different Western pads . For the best quality Western pads you have come to the right place at the western equestrian shop from Cool Running Paints. There is a suitable pad for every wish among our more than 70 Western pads. Curious about the possibilities? Then take a quick look at our webshop.

Questions about Western Pads

Do you have any questions about the Cool Running Paints pads? Our employees are happy to tell you about the possibilities. In addition, they can answer almost any question from you. You can contact by phone on 06 218 165 60. Cool Running Paints is the place to be for the best quality Western pads!

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