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Painthorses have the characteristics of a Western Stock Horse and this is combined with a mottled pattern of white and dark coat colors. The most common Painthorses are horses with white spots, combined with black, brown, chestnut or fox. The spots can appear in any shape and practically anywhere on the body. Painthorses are grouped into four groups based on their coat. These are as follows:


The Painthorses are very friendly and reliable. It is a breed that likes to work for people and adapts quickly to the job. When these Painthorses are used in the right friendly way, everyone can get along with them.

Paint horse breeding

The Painthorses are currently one of the fastest growing studbooks in North America. The Painthorses are used in all branches of western sports. They have quiet corridors and unprecedented acceleration. The Painthorses have a height between 1.42 and 1.72 meters. The character of this type of horse is similar to other Quarter Horses. They are intelligent and have an excellent temperament. We breed these beautiful horses. We do this with the horses that we own ourselves. This allows us to breed beautiful Painthorses and we know exactly what the qualities of these horses are. We also do sell these stunning horses. As a Paint horse breeding we provide high-quality horses for the sport and therefore offer the new owners the best toppers.

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more of cool running paints

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