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Learn to ride Western
You want to get western riding instruction and get the technique of western horseman? You can! At Cool Running Paints is possible to track both your own horse, as a horse of our special westernles. Curious about the possibilities?

Western riding instruction at Cool Running Paints

At Cool Running Paints are daily by appointment western lessons given in private or group associated with your own horse or with one of our Paints and Quarters. The lessons are given by Theo den Ijzerman. He has extensive experience in western riding and can provide a very educational westernles. Even for small children Western riding lessons available: for children up to 12 years, there are pony classes with Shetland ponies and Welsh ponies.

Also groundwork and horsemanship lessons are possible. These ensure the safe use of horse or pony. There are regular lessons given by leading professional riders. There are also frequent various clinics. In short: for wide westernles you must be at Cool Running Paints.

Questions about westernl riding instructions?

Do you have questions about the westernl riding instructions of Cool Running Paints? Our staff are happy to answer all your questions. If you want more information you can always contact us by phone  00316 21 81 65 60
or email: info@reininghorse.nlWestern riding lessons you must be at Cool Running Paints!

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